Cartoons for books, broadcast, publishing and websites

Broadcast & Publishing

Childrens books, broadcast, publishing and web sites. Add creative impact to your media applications. Cartoon illustration for childrens television storytime, cartoons and cartoon strips for newspapers and magazines. Of course everyone likes looking at pictures ... they have so much to say in a simple and effective way. So lighten up that magazine article with some amusing drawings that illustrate and compliment the written word. Using a humourous drawing is an effective communications tool and is more instantanious than the written word. Add some fun to your web site with some bespoke cartoon illustration and maybe even some animation. Kids love books with drawings which inspire their imagination and of course they love drawing and colouring-in ... just like I do ! ... mmmm ... so you can see where I'm coming from !

Alan Scragg – ‘Scraggie’

Illustration & characters for the media, on tv and Flash animation for websites

Brighten up your newspaper or magazine with a cartoon strip or illustration to help convey your message.