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Yea … go on … lets all smile and make the world a happier place! Wouldn’t it be weird if everyone smiled!! This is the fun bit for me and can be for you and your requirements too!! As you look through the site at the samples of work you will see a variety of styles of illustration as well as my ‘natural’ Scraggie cartoon style. Look at the portfolio of cartoons and if they make you smile then all you need to do is contact me and we can discuss ways to get your message across in a fun and effective way by making others smile too.
... Say it with a smile!!


Cartoon Illustration


Cat cartoon Cartoon pandas Aliens cartoon American indian cartoon
Knights Templar cartoon Cartoon penguin Rude nude gag cartoon Cartoon condom
Funny nursery rhyme God, Santa & Night Sky cartoon Cartoon rabbits in springtime Cartoon gnomes
Boiling humour Flat Earth cartoon Cow cartoons Cartoon Crufts dog show
Prosthetic cartoon Holiday cartoon Blind man cartoon Halloween cartoon
Funeral cartoon Fish cartoon Cowboy cartoon Judge and the Law cartoon

Cartoonist Alan Scragg – ‘Scraggie’

Cartoons & illustration, a variety of styles suitable for media, advertising and business.

Cartoon strips, characters, get your message across in pictures.