2D & 3D Animation for Broadcast and Corporate


Have a look at the Scraggie Showreel and see what fun can be had with a simple bit of animation that could bring your product to life and captivate your audience. Bring your corporate character to life ... or better still, get me to design and develop a character for you and then bring it to life. For advertising and design studios take advantage of my many years experience of 'adding some motion' to make the whole process from storyboard to finished concept easy for you and your client. 2D or 3D ? Just take a look at the samples below and maybe that will help you decide and if you would like to contact me, of course, I will be happy discuss your project with you.

Cartoonist Alan Scragg – ‘Scraggie’

Animated characters for broadcast, advertising, promotions and marketing animation.

Captivate your audience with 2D or 3D CGI animation.