Caricatures by Cartoonist Scraggie


Studio based caricatures can be produced for publishing, media, political, entertainment or a special gift for a colleague. For the media I just need a brief and I will provide finished artwork in any popular electronic format.
If it's for a colleague who is having a birthday or is retiring for example, I will provide the finished illustration as hard copy which I can also have arranged to be framed if required. All I need is a few photos for reference (not the back of the subjects head or with them holding a newspaper in front of their face ... believe me it's happened !) and a discussion about the requirement including a number of their character traits and interests. When you have the finished artwork all you need to do is add a nice message and hope your colleague laughs ... otherwise run !!

Cartoonist Alan Scragg – ‘Scraggie’

Caricatures, either studio based or caricatures from photos.

For publishing, media, political, entertainment or give someone a caricature as a personalised gift.